How I doodled a wall

Charu Chopra, a student of mine from St. Xavier’s, Jaipur and a Homeopath looked at her dispensary wall and informed me that she intended not to call her clinic – a clinic, but a Healing Café instead. I seconded her novel idea of being different. What I did not expect was her second suggestion. “Why don’t you paint my wall and give it an artsy look?” she proposed and I had a storm of thoughts without clues or ideas streaming my empty mind.
It was nearly six moths now and still hadn’t applied any affirmative actions to the offer. Perhaps the thought that I had never scaled such a canvas size before was one reason not to plunge into the act. One fine day, it was this message from Charu – ‘my wall is still waiting for you’ , that now triggered a sequence of planning which would be required to activate this whole wall art stuff.

I instantly began a bit of research on doodling and initiated assimilating my ideas on what to paint. Ready with that, I then hopped into an Asian Paints store and bought a litre of plastic paint. I also took a few tips from a professional charcoal artist, Aditi Agarwal, who had recently doodled a wall.

Equipped with a couple of quarter inch flat brushes, Vanlraj Bhatia’s music and a few other basic tools I was there, somewhat apprehensive whether I could actually pull off this project. It must be 10 am when I started off with a blank wall gaping at me with undressed looks. It was fit after that. All doubts had dwindled into oblivion. It was a like a spell and I was merely an instrument.

By 5 pm the wall was adorned with a cluster of doodles and it was time to stand by to cast a look of thanksgiving and gratification. There was this freedom and peace I experienced while I switched paints and swapped brushes. I had graduated from 8” x 10” paper canvases to a 10 ft x 12 ft massive wall.

This was my way of thanking my loving student, Dr. Charu Chopra for treating my chronic allergies over the past two years.



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