Wine…with me !

The Port Wine of Goa is known for its sweet taste that is quite opposite to the Red or White Wines that offer a rather strong and fractionally alcoholic tinge. Driven by this sweetness I always wondered how wine was brewed from its natal stage in vineyards to its final filtration. A friend then handed me the recipe for a number of wines that could be quite easily prepared at home.
What I did next was to procure the ingredients and get to wine making. It was simple and exciting. I bottled six the first year. Motivated by the success of the first attempt I am repeating the preparation this year too. The difference is that this year I would like to share the recipe with those of you who seem keen in learning the same. The original recipe manuscript seems to be getting tattered. This way it is sure get secure !
I took 1 Kg wheat and washed it. 2 Kg  (to reduce sweetness add 1.5 kg) sugar was added. I filled a glass jar with 6 bottles of water which I had boiled and cooled before and then added the wheat, sugar and 1 tsp yeast (dry active yeast or wet yeast)
The mixture needs to be stirred daily. Just bear in mind not to introduce the mixture at any stage with a metallic spoon. Stir daily for twenty days using a ladle. Then strain the mixture separating the wheat by using a muslin cloth. Add ¼ bottle of Rum to give strength and colour to the wine. Allow it to settle for a week.
Once the mixture clears, fill in bottles and store using a funnel. The wheat wine is now ready. It never gets bad. In fact, the longer it stands, the more mature it gets.
Cheers !

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