Eat better to feel better


Working out in a gym or reaching home after a swim usually leaves everyone hungry and thirsty. Mostly people would gorge on what is chilling in the refrigerator or whatever is cooking in the kitchen. Leaving after a tiring session at a gym, Aaditya Pancharya spotted a hawker selling omelettes. This is where it occurred to him that working out after burning several calories at a gymnasium could actually turn out to be futile if we snack senselessly on anything that is at hand. Why just talk about fitness enthusiasts! Almost everyone is now fed up of putting on weight due to erratic food timings, work schedules and unhealthy eating habits. Having spent four years in Delhi, Aaditya was obsessed with street and junk food. Following this, he spent the next three years in Singapore, where he was thrown open to a totally different eating pattern of people highly conscious of low calorie intake. Coming from a transformer manufacturing business background, Pancharya was clueless about how he would endorse his idea of creating awareness in the subject he had now been contemplating for about a year.

On the other hand, Ronak Singhvi, a school mate with a real estate background was pleased to collaborate with Aaditya’s idea of opening a healthy food joint in Jaipur. Having studied architecture, even Ronak was a novice to the plethora of challenges the duo was apparently adventuring into.


After great amount of brain storming sessions, the dynamic duo came up with the idea of opening out a food station, ‘Thank God it’s Healthy’, in C – Scheme that serves healthy food. The food junction, TGIH as it is colloquially branded, has an array of salads, wraps, juices, smoothies and burgers for health conscious people. The low calorie foods that TGIH offers, comes from a live kitchen that is designed to supply take away orders. However, a group of five to six customers can easily hang out and snack at the joint while listening in to cool recorded music.


TGIH is developing an app to make deliveries easier for customers to receive their health foods at various places and at different timings. So, your salad meal can be delivered at your office, while your next snack reaches your gym just as you finish burning those calories or it can be even delivered when you reach home as it gets time for supper.


Ronak, who manages the marketing and branding, has added vibrant colour schemes to make the interiors of TGIH appear like a cool hub with Johny Bravo as the mascot. The cosy nook, which is mainly targeting health conscious youngsters, is all set to trigger better eating habits among Jaipurites. TGIH guarantees quality in their products as well as service. “Acquiring Quinoa and Rocket Leaves is not easy in Jaipur,” admits Aditya, “but we are finding ways to sort out the initial challenges we are facing.” Apart from the standard recipes, TGIH is constantly programming its own in-house recipes which are rich in protein. Nutritionists will be aligned in the coming days to assist customers to structure their diet and eating habits. The big question of pricing the meals is what could be on your mind. TGIF has a pocket friendly menu. And when it comes to healthy eating, there should be no compromise. Launched on 12th of June, 2017, TGIH has pulled in quite a few customers already.


So Jaipur, compliment your workouts and training sessions with healthy bites and drinks which will surely be supportive in toning your body and enable you to stay fit and fine. ‘Abs are made in the kitchen’, this line finally caught my eye, as I left TGIH after savouring a large portion of Quinoa salad and fresh orange juice.


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