Mr.N.R.Jayan’s superannuation from Xavier’s

Putting thirty one years of dedicated service in an institution in itself is a milestone .To many of us it may not seem as magnanimous as it actually is, but for Mr. Jayan Nadaparambil Raghvan this stint of over three decades is etched as a golden memorable journey for him at Xaviers.
jayan 1

Mr. N.R.Jayan joined Xavier’s, Jaipur way back in July 1988 as an Accountancy and Business Studies teacher, teaching the +2 level. With a Post Graduate degree in Commerce and B.Ed, Mr. Jayan was a strapping bachelor full of curious energy, positivity and vigour, which over all these years hasn’t diluted even a bit.
It took him no time to blend himself with the Jesuit ethos and Ignatian paradigm. His subject knowledge and expertise contributed in shaping his career as a good Accountancy teacher – loved and respected by the senior students he taught. During the years when Xavier’s was known for holding Mega Commercial Fairs, Mr. Jayan shouldered the top responsibility of chairing the Fair Committee for nearly fourteen years. His able, mature administrative and meticulous planning skills worked as an asset for managing various activities and commercial aspects of the Xavier Fair. He held an important part of the CBSE National Swimming Meet, CBSE Football Clusters and four episodes of Xavier Milan hosted by St. Xavier’s School, Jaipur.

In April 2016, Mr. Jayan was entrusted with the crucial post of Vice Principal, Middle School. He also headed the Staff Entertainment Committee for several years and was in-charge of the activation of Day Boarding for two years under the initiative dream project conceived by Fr. T.J.Jose S.J.
He admits it was a humungous task to put the rowdy middle wing back on track, keeping in mind the agitated energy levels of this particular age group and the discipline related challenges the Middle Wing had to offer. Thankfully with the support of the Middle School Staff, he was able to bring about noticeable modifications and better discipline within three years.

Mr. Jayan, being disciplined himself, always instituted great amount of self-accountability ,confidence , responsibility, and moral values among the students he interacted with. He would go class to class checking students wearing coloured socks and improper shoes on examination days as there were no morning assemblies on examination days. Not only that, he would also deduct two marks as a sign of punishment which brought about a very big positive attitudinal change in the defaulters in the subsequent exams.

People who are frank are mostly blunt. And blunt people are never liked because of their direct and open mode of expression. Often their opinions seem bitter and unwelcome. But the truth always hurts. Mr. Jayan is a person who is known for raising his voice for what is categorically right and ethical. Perhaps because of this personality trait, he is misunderstood and detested by many. But I’m proud to call Mr. Jayan more of a friend than a colleague, because he never changes his principles, values and ethics with changing times. A strong decision maker, he is a person who stands by what he decides.
Over the years people grow in age and people grow in weight. Mr. Jayan was 62 Kgs when he joined this glorious institution and surprisingly thirty one years later he still maintains the same weight. In the school farewell assembly he shared the secret of his fitness and the secret is – walking. Rain or storm, chilly winter mornings or the scorching summer sun, he never skips his hour long walks even a single day.

j3Mr. Jayan holds special interest in reading news and Income Tax. Many staff members would approach him and seek his advice of financial matters and issues related with fixation and filing of income tax returns. I sometimes call Mr. Jayan, ‘Arrow Man’ not because his speech and perspective that strikes like arrows, but because of his wardrobe. The man is so formally and crisply attired in branded clothes that this smart dressing sense makes him one of Xavier’s best groomed teachers. Summer or winter, you can always see him clad in a classic and impressive style of his own. Once on noticing his extra polished shiny black leather shoes I ignorantly asked him, “Sir, ye naya pair kab liya ?” and to my dismay he grinned, “ Arrey ye to teen saal pehle liya tha.
On your superannuation, I have with me, on behalf of the entire Xavier’s School Staff, loads of best wishes for a new and different journey that awaits you on the other side. Your cheerful company, pleasant nature and tinkling laughter will be missed and remembered by all of us. We pray that you may be blessed with good health, bliss and gladness always.

I shall wrap up my speech with humming a few lines of a song that talks about life and the never ending compromises we endlessly make because no one has been gifted with a perfect life. Life goes on – this way or that….
(song : RAFU from the film, Tumhari Sullu)

One thought on “Mr.N.R.Jayan’s superannuation from Xavier’s

  1. It been really an amazing journey. MR.N.R.JAYAN is indeed a prolific & selfdeciplined man. His style & his sense of dressing is absolutely fabulous. Way back as students in 1995-96 when we became his students in class XI ,it was altogether a great experience. His quick style of calculation without using calculator & never go wrong answers amused us all. Most prominently his golden tooth was talk of the entire class….. GOD BLESS YOU SIR. MAY WE CONTINUE TO RECIEVE INSPIRATION FROM YOUR LIFE & WORK FOR THE GREATER GLORY OF GOD.


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