Poem/ Article : Creative Writing Contest for X Std. Results as follows :- Winning Entry – Amogh Chatterjee, II -Meera Rajpal, III- Umang Badetia, Consolation – Jonas Ryan Gomes

As promised, the best entry gets featured on my bog site. Congratulations to the winners and to all the other ten who sent their entries, I would like to thank you for participation and encourage you all to always read and challenge yourselves to write creatively. Locked down – muse by Amogh Chatterjee, Class X […]

Locked down

Groping anti-clockwise I muse Longer weekends with no Monday blues From my own blabbering on twitter to the birds that tweet In the open blue skies, they chirrup so sweet While planes rest grounded, the fish rule the oceans frayed And ships that anchored at bays, stayed Behold the freshness in the air! I now […]


Your gleam glow gets grim I am a snow capped cliff your smile slim like a ray astray barges into the frost stiff I crackle I melt like a wax drop atop a candle wick there is a glade that still is warm I treasure it still…

Xavier’s & Fr. Mani – then & now

For someone who has served St. Xavier’s, Jaipur for over 16 years as Principal, the school certainly holds a close connect with him. Fr.N.V.Mani S.J., whose first tenure was from 1973 – 1983, made a second comeback during in his next innings from 1988- 1994. He has probably witnessed countless alumni passing out during his […]

Under open waters

For an ardent swimmer, Samiir Wheaton, a swimming pool has always been the most desired place to splash. Ever since the age of seven, Samiir, contrary to the meaning of his name, which means wind, has befriended waters beyond swimming pools. Until he turned nineteen, Samiir was a regular swimmer. For the next three decades […]

The Friday Namaaz

Rumaali Rotis had to be sent for. It’s available exclusively at Muslim restaurants. I took a ride up to Muslim Musafirkhana, an eatery at Moti Doongri Road. It was a Friday afternoon. It became evident from the way Muslim residents from the neighbourhood came trickling by for the noon time community prayer service. The Maulvi […]

Jaipur : sadiyon ka shehar

I have been a part of many documentary films made on Jaipur. I enjoyed myself learning a lot about the history of this amazing city in the course of producing travel DVDs for tourists. These films were beautifully shot and layered with exact historical facts and details. A thought, quite different or perhaps even quite […]

Eat better to feel better

Working out in a gym or reaching home after a swim usually leaves everyone hungry and thirsty. Mostly people would gorge on what is chilling in the refrigerator or whatever is cooking in the kitchen. Leaving after a tiring session at a gym, Aaditya Pancharya spotted a hawker selling omelettes. This is where it occurred […]